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I'm not going to name names but you know who you are. This thread applies to several of you There is no need to instigate fighting or other disruptions all it does is ruin everyone else's fun. If you have a personal problem with another member please take it in another channel. The shouting yelling and cursing yelling camper and such are something I would expect on someone else's server ;) There has been discussion going on in the Vent server that is completely unacceptable and very very explicit. Let me say this once this shit is not funny nor is welcome to a lot of members. This vent server is not a pornographic chatroom Some of the shit that is getting said is seriously borderline to conduct violations IMHO. You know guys we have some new female members and prospective future female members and you need to talk to them with language that you would use in front of your mother. If you tell your mom to FUCK OFF or call her a CUNT disregard this and click close. While we are on the subject of Ventrilo I will also make a note that we do not care about your a race,religion,place of origin or sexual orientation. When I say this it means some of us do not want to hear talk that would be considered homosexual in nature and it makes them uncomfortable in chat. Also while we are on the subject of Vent I want each of you to know that a lot of what goes on in vent carries into game and vice versa which is why I made the comment about instigating shit. Just don't Do it! We have a lot of new players coming on the server too and will soon be deploying new maps on the server and it's an opportunity not only get new players coming in the server but also new members hopefully. If you guys all can come to an agreement on behavior things will improve here quickly. I have noticed tensions between clan members and players have increased here lately. I've noticed stuff going on in Ventrilo and in game. It starts from a little shit talking in game and then Vent and all the sudden people " players" and TheSrgt members are getting rubbed raw and wanting to leave this community and go elsewhere to play. We should never get to this point to aggravate players intentionally much less TheSrgt members. Let's make 2013 an epic year for The.Srgt Community

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Well said burg.

June 26, 2012 at 1:25 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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Yes Burg well said.. i hope everyone takes what he said to heart.. we all love the game, lets make it confortable for everyone.

June 27, 2012 at 3:38 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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