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The.SrgtClan banners

To use a banner as your signature in your profile option, use this link as a example.

<img src="link for banner go here" />

So for example you want The.SrgtBanner 725X150 the link should look like this.

<img src="http://www.thesrgtclan.com/Webs/Banners/The.SrgtClan%20Banner%20728x150.jpg
" />

You just need to put this link inside the signature box. Its the same for the Raven Shield banners. If you need any help don't hesitate to ask The.SrgtCarl.

Raven Shield banners

- 1 -

- 2 -

- 3 -

Live Server List for admins and players

Game servers need to be Between those Ports 7777-7787, 8777-8787. If not you will need to ask The.SrgtCarl to open Ports whit the provider.

N4Admin for admins and players

For Admins ho want to manage the game servers outside the game.

Clan armpatch

If you want to download The.SrgtArmpatch click on the button below.

The.SrgtClan webmail

If you want to connect in your Srgt email account click on the button below.

Team Viewer

If you need assistance whit your pc Plz download this free app. Install your app for personal use. After this when the app is open give your ID number to your partner and than the password. No worry the password change each time your reopen the app.


WinRAR is a good program to unzip your files. It can read a lot of different zip format.


If you want to try a really good free program for your Ftp link FileZilla it's the good choice.


If you want to no how your pc run and want to benchmark it, so here a 2 great free program for that. To download the app click on the button below.

You can also compare your marks here on these links.

For 3dMark app scores click the button below.

For the PassMark app scores compare Plz click on the button below.


To download the Ventrilo app, click on the button below.


To download the Discord app, click on the button below.

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